I Do a lot of things,

But they're all rooted in helping other people succeed. 


I fell in love with being a"connector" at a young age. As I grew into my career the innate desire to connect people evolved into problem solving, process building, and brand packaging. That takes form is a few different areas:

  • Personal branding and career visibility (primarily for career changers or mid- to senior- level)
  • Process creation and implementations (primarily for startups) 
  • Strategic goal setting for increased efficiency and operational growth (primarily growth-mode businesses)
  • Storytelling and team positioning (primarily company size 10 - 200)

After 10 years of training professionals on thought leaderships and career advancement, and building processes to improve efficiencies,  I realized I had neglected my own career happiness. Through a little exploration and serious soul searching, I rediscovered my love for 

helping people, building and refining processes, and building furniture. Learn more about my story, flip through the content on my blog, or reach out if you'd like to talk more specifically about how I can help you!