I'm a connector with an innate ability for bringing people together. My mind is in a constant day dream of solution-chasing and people-matching as if a large rolodex of puzzle pieces were magically flipping through my head. It's all about my deeply engrained desire to help people. 

I listen, observe, then identify holes, give direction, and work to solve problems. My storytelling nature married with my problem-solving drive has detoured my career through pitstops in branding, coaching, hiring, training, and leading with a deep understanding of startups, process development, and business growth. Clearly, titles have never been very fitting to package my skillset. I'm really good at being the person behind the person, i.e. I'm really good at making people successful.

I've helped leadership teams identify employee strengths and shift opportunities increasing performance. I've guided startups through storytelling and brand building. I've evaluated processes and identified areas to improve efficiencies to cut costs. I've helped career changers (600+ of them) apply actionable strategies to make meaningful pivots. 

My goal is to make change that helps people. Whether that be for company growth, team happiness, or career fulfillment, each project I've taken on has been intentional with a mindfulness around helping. I want to listen, observe, identify holes, and work to solve the problem.

“We contracted with Lia to help us grow our sales pipeline and consult on the ebbs and flows of our business development process. From that experience, Lia took a very individualized approach to build the brand of our team which in turn impacts our overall company brand reputation. She has a knack for identifying strengths and interests to help position people to be the most effective version of themselves.
— Jim Remsik, (Madison, WI)
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Lia is an innovator. I think she is an endless fountain of ideas. She has a way of viewing massive, overwhelming projects and focusing only on the necessary bits. She has a way of viewing things from a new angle or perspective. It’s that keen eye that makes her a valuable player, among other skills she boasts. This is the one that I think is unique to her. She is not afraid to challenge and ask questions. She is not afraid to make mistakes. She is not afraid to tell someone that they are looking in the wrong direction, and that a slight shift in course could change their lives for the better.
— Bethany Wolfe, KBKG (Los Angeles, CA)
As I was in the middle of attempting a switch into a new career, Lia really took ownership of my strategy and helped shape it into something pragmatic with actionable goals. I became more organized and targeted in my approach which helped me understand and focus on what I really wanted to do. Her cheerful attitude is absolutely infectious. I cannot imagine going through that experience again without someone like Lia.
— Sammy Rihawi, SpaceX (Los Angeles, CA)
Lia is one of the few professionals in my life where I felt they were truly an expert in their field. Her poise and knowledge has been a guiding force in my new career. I constantly find myself quoting Lia when talking to people asking me advice. Lia has real answers and a sincere desire to be helpful. One week of guidance from Lia changed my life.
— Calvin Lang, Pathlab (Hong Kong)