Identifying Patterns & Finding Solutions

Do you ever get stuck?

Overwhelmed with pressure to complete a high-impact project?  

Does your team depend on your to be the guiding light and sometimes you’re just not sure what the right answer it? Or know in your heart you want something more out of your career, but just have no idea where to start or how to navigate it? 

Getting a new perspective, having a second set of eyes, and a sounding board through some of your toughest challenges within your business or career can be monumentally life changing. That’s what I do. I help people get unstuck and move forward with actionable strategies to work through whatever challenges arrive. I’m a problem-solver with a keen sense for storytelling and love for helping people.


"She has a way of viewing things from a new angle/perspective. It's that keen eye that makes her a valuable player, among other skills she boasts. This is the one that I think is unique to her. She is not afraid to challenge and ask questions. She is not afraid to make mistakes. She is not afraid to tell someone that they are looking in the wrong direction, and that a slight shift in course could change their lives for the better (that's what she did for me)."


-Bethany Wolfe, Krost cpas & Consultants

More about me can be found here, but I think others' tell it better...

We contracted with Lia to help us grow our sales pipeline and consult on the ebbs and flows of our business development process. From that experience, Lia took a very individualized approached to build the brand of our team which in turn impacts our overall company brand and reputation. She has a knack for identifying strengths and interests to help position people to be the most effective version of themselves.
— Jim Remsik, Adorable
Lia really took ownership of my strategy and helped shape it into something pragmatic with actionable goals. I became more organized and targeted in my approach which helped me understand and focus on what I really wanted to do. Her cheerful attitude is absolutely infectious.
— Sammy Rihawi, SpaceX
Lia’s passion and pragmatic approach combine to form a fully supportive career building pathway. Her inspiring tenacity and attention to detail brings sharpened tools and customized resources to an otherwise harrowing undertaking.
— Kilima Glenn, TafariCircle
Changing careers can be a stressful and self-doubting experience, but Lia’s advice, warmth, and support made the transition seem natural and positive. She is always available for a supportive word, a discussion on job offers, and weighing professional decisions. She manages to maintain the balance of imparting knowledge while also empowering you to make the final decision.
— Chelsea Skovgaard, Revolution Messaging
From retooling my social media channels to updating my resume - and everything in between including how to network in cities with new and established tech communities - Lia was there to give real, actionable advice. The experience never seemed too daunting. Lia is simply a joy to work with.
— Joseph Hendele, Edgewater Ranzal
She has expansive industry knowledge, and excels at making strategic connections. I feel much less anxious at the thought of future job hunts knowing that I have Lia’s guidance and support available to me.
— July Tran, NREL

Lia is that rare professional who is able to stay organized, motivated, and empathetic even under stressful situations.
— Emily Heist Moss, Dev Bootcamp
While working with Lia, I felt as though she was incredibly invested in my success.Sshe was resourceful in how to handle difficult situations that came up in the job hunt and is well connected in the tech scene, helping me to meet some important contacts at companies I was interested in.
— -Kevin Marks, Amazon
“Lia took the biggest, scariest life change I had ever been through and helped me break it down into bite size pieces and keep me on track. When I was ready to give up on myself, she refused to give up on me and kept after me with the right mixture of compassion and tough love to motivate me to keep going.
— Evangeline Garreau, Sittercity
Lia is fantastic at what she does, and her confidence in you and your abilities is infectious. She was instrumental in my successful career change from lawyer to software engineer; she not only helped me get my first job, she advised me while I was negotiating for my second job. I had a lot of worries (some rational, some not), and Lia took the time to listen to them all, took them seriously, and helped make my career transition smooth and much less stressful than it would have been if I had tried to go it alone.
— Jen Trudell, iLoans