Identifying Patterns & Finding Solutions


Every title I've used doesn't seem to effectively communicate what it is that I actually do. At the core, I'm a storyteller with a magnetic attraction to personal branding; specifically over-excited when it's focused on career advancement and thought leadership. Think Product Manager, but for your career and/or the health of your team culture.

I attribute this super power to my experience in branding, business development, and people management over the past 10 years. But if you ask people I've worked with, my secret sauce is a mix of empathy, patience, and an inherent knack for connecting with people from all walks of life.



I've worked with people from diverse backgrounds at various stages in their careers from junior level to leadership, within many well-known and sought out companies in the tech, legal, education, and finance industries.

However, the last three years I've worked almost exclusively with bootcamps to develop curricula around professional development specific to career changers entering the tech industry from non-technical backgrounds.

I've found that there are very few pathways for career-changers to smoothly pivot, and little emphasis on teaching how to tell stories that do more than simply "tell." Instead, we learn how to game the system, beat the interview rather than learn how to realistically chase our dreams.

It's about time that changes.

Why shouldn't you be equipped with the tools to chase your dreams? Let's have some real talk time about all of those things you say you're going to do one day.